Sucker Punching Co-Workers with Personality Badges.

Sucker Punching Co-Workers with Personality Badges.

Thankfully I work with a bunch of lunatics who make my day bearable.

However though I surround myself around a lovely bunch of coco-NUTS there are still the select few that can steal your soul.

I petition Knock Knock to fix this situation with a simple solution, Personality Badges.

When you have an attitude you can choose to wear one of the following:
•I don’t have anything nice to say to your face and especially behind your back.
•I’m happy to avoid you at all costs, my indication – no eye contact.
•You’re unprepared with any actual conversation so talking to you is stupid.
•The minute I saw your face my annoyance was off the charts.
•’Haven’t had my coffee yet’ is merely a disguise to being anywhere you are not.
•I complain about company orientated events that don’t happen and when they do I avoid them because I’m just a whiner and nothing more.
•When I invite you to lunch it’s because my friends had previous plans.

These in general are super fun, HOWEVER, when in the work place I prefer a positive approach so even though I would totes purchase these buttons in a heartbeat, they’d be worn as underarmor against the nasties.


15 thoughts on “Sucker Punching Co-Workers with Personality Badges.

  1. Hilarious – I am especially taken with – You’re unprepared with any actual conversation so talking to you is stupid – but agree – wear button under clothing. It is enough to know I think it.

    • I think I’m onto something here! Button under clothing clearly expresses the negative feelings which allows all our positive emotions to shine through which give us a happier day!!

      Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Haha, nice. The badges might work like little affirmative charms when worn under your shirt, psychically sending their messages 🙂


  3. Adds new meaning to the expression, ” buttoning one’s lip” . 😀
    Will pass this post on to family & friends.

    Thanks very much for dropping by my blog. Much appreciated.

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