Pillow Talk for the unsexy girl

Me: I wish I had leg and ankle warmers.

That normal guy: Leg warmers would be pants and ankle warmers would be socks.

Me: It’s too hot to wear those.

That normal guy: Probably not

He puts his headphones on. I turn toward the wall and close my eyes, admitting defeat.


2 thoughts on “Pillow Talk for the unsexy girl

  1. Love this Back in my single days I actually slept with leg warmers in the winter, scouts honor! I can’t sleep with pants, never could and socks are a no go too. I’d slip those bad boys on and slide them just over my feet not covering my toes. I say goo for it!

  2. That’s an epic fail- but a hilarious blog post!

    Remember: No can laugh at you if you’re already laughing at yourself- then they can only laugh with you! 😀

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