Even Cats need Prozac

20130902-131924.jpgCats are anxious, apparently.

Between naps, food, trips to the bathroom, 24 hour need of petting, AND plotting to kill you, their day is endless.

I have two cats and my calico is a clean freak. She loves mopped floors, wiped down counters, and works tirelessly to clean her pristine-always-sparkling paws.

So when she disgustingly shared her cleaning addiction to me earlier this week (yes, hairball cleanup) I knew we needed a plan of action because hairball formula wasn’t cutting it.

So we stopped by the vet. I love my cats. They may be assholes but they’re my assholes.

Their advice – give her a laxative.

Lucky:it’s a treat she likes.
Unlucky: Cleaning cat litter will NOT be a treat.

If it doesn’t work she’ll need Prozac to calm down the cleaning.

My cat – too clean?! An obsessive compulsive disorder in a cat… Who knew anxiety for the lazy was at such a heightened state.

Lesson: Even cats struggle and they have it easy.


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