Movies – An Unsexy Girls Perspective

When that normal guy and I are at home on the weekends we love to watch television – as does most of America. Today I shall allow you the pleasure of entering Jensylvania and take a peek (whether you want to or not) on what questions come up while watching a new film.

1. How often do you think secret service men get to pee?

2. Is there shrinking involved when a ufo captures someone?

3. Do you think after so many takes and a full belly they take invisible bites out of the donuts?

4. How many takes were involved when Thor was forced to say “I’ll take anything large enough to ride”?

5. What do the lunches look like while on set?

When you’re watching a flick – what questions do you ask?


13 thoughts on “Movies – An Unsexy Girls Perspective

    • I often ask the same questions! I mean – really, is that what we’re employing to keep us safe? They really give the truly trained bad AND good guys a bad wrap. They have to be able to shoot better than that!

  1. Answers:

    1. As often as they want. They have portable catheters.

    2. If so, I’d like to request to be shrunk down to a size 8, please.

    3. Or they take real bites out of invisible donuts…

    4. Like, a Bajllion, because Tom Hiddleston was in the back ground making snarky comments every take.

    5. Depends on the chef they fly in.

    K and I don’t have questions so much as have fun creating new scenarios. For example last night we were watching a bird migration nature special on PBS. Comments like, “But, I don’t WANT to go to Pelican school!” were being regularly shouted at the TV.

    • That is a great one! What makes these guys such heroes if they can’t clean up their own mess? Is that what their lady friends are supposed to do? If we had more women super heroes would their MO to be to clean up the city?

  2. First off, bless you. Second, I don’t question so much as notice and comment on the decor. My husband made me what the first episode of The Walking Dead, and as the zombies are scratching at the door I am admiring the molding of the door frame. That’s sad, huh?

  3. My question is; why don’t the heroes ever bruise after a full-on fight with the bad guy?

    I often shout at the TV when the hero suddenly gains the ability to A) outrun explosions (760mph??) B) jump across gaps between buildings and C) Leap from a five storey window and land on their feet without throwing out an ankle.
    I recently watched ‘Man of Steel’ and I was appalled (spoiler alert) at the destruction wrought upon Metropolis. I mean – smash a few windows, take out the corner of the odd building, but MY GOD!!!
    If you’ve seen, it you will know what I mean…

    • I couldn’t agree more! I’m all about destruction but I would like you to be at least SOMEWHAT REALISTIC. I mean, I know we don’t have caped superheroes who can actually fly (just those that wish) but you can at least keep it on some end of believable or at least I think so.

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