From baby making (or finding), office oh my’s to news story high fives and flirty good-byes this blog will be a whirlwind of random but totally (half) truths of my life and those who bother to visit (celebrities, news stories, and moose shared separately).

Never a dull moment.

Me in all my weird glory.

All the boring facts about me are taken but supposedly you’re interested anyway. Here’s the lame introduction:

I’m a writer who spends her days wearing different colored pants, big red framed glasses, and wavy hair in hopes to not be labeled a hobo or ‘going for the Mary-Kate & Ashely look’ but more of the ecentric, quirky girl that comes out when she talks.

So here’s are the weird things about me:

Willow is an unstoppable force in the bad behavior category at work. She’ll play with anything.

Willow my #1 Kitty is totes workin' It

Willow my #1 Kitty is totes workin’ It

My office window is a picture of a lake house I don’t even own.
I’d like to climb a moose before I die.
I prefer peeing indoors but that isn’t always an option.
My husband is ‘that normal guy’.
I don’t like cake so quit forcing it on me.
I like my little ponies and basically all little girl things.
I’m music stupid and will not apologize for it.
I wish I had a cool derby name – even though I’m not a derby girl.
Cooking isn’t fun therefore I’m a terrible housewife.
I hate the tearing of napkins. It’s uncool.
I don’t lick my fingers. Also uncool.
Post-it’s are this girls bestfriend.
I could eat bacon in a house, on a plane, riding a pony, in a drugstore… I think you get the point.

*rubs hands together*

My job is done here and as a token of my appreciation for having read this I give you… CRAPTOPIA.

My Craptastic Office. Isn't it something?

My Craptastic Office. Isn’t it something?


28 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m not married, but I’ve determined I won’t be a very good housewife either because I also don’t enjoy cooking. I’ve been hoping I marry a guy who absolutely loves to cook, because then I won’t feel so bad.

  2. Love this blog so far. New favourite. I want to thank you for your comment because it landed me here and I think I want to stay 🙂

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