Horrible Bosses – My Form of Torture by Venice

Written by Venice
My Form Of Torture:
I had a boss once, and she was a son of a.. You get the picture. When I first met her, she was quite ordinary. She was plump, short, and gave us a deceptively sweet smile. Boy we were so wrong! She was the devils brood. Our colleague died and she kept bitching about him to none other than his mother. The nerve of my ex-boss right? Well I’d like to do the following to her:
1.       Submerge her lower body in a pool full of piranha
2.       Remove her teeth one by one
3.       Get a scalpel and detach her clit (sorry for this one, but boy am I pissed)
4.       Scream crucio and see her wriggling in agony
5.       Have her spanked by BDSM folks until she can’t stand it
6.       Have her listen to the boring speech of -insert boring person’s name here-
7.       If the purge is true, she’ll be first on my list.
8.       Peel her skin slowly.
9.       Remove her arms, legs, and tongue so she won’t be able to speak about the   encounter.
After I’m done with her, death would be preferable. But that will be the easy way out right? Heck don’t hate me for this as I’m just a normal member of the society who wants to seek her revenge. XOXO
Craplandia Staff does not condone this to happen in real life. Everyone wants revenge against at least one of their previous bosses. Some are more creative than others. Consider this one overly creative.