ImageCindy is just a normal 11¾-year-old girl. At least until she wakes up one night and finds out she’s dead. Well, she isn’t technically dead—she just doesn’t have any hair . . . or a nose . . . or skin. Yep—all bones, no body.  

Human by day and skeleton by night, Cindy is definitely cursed. And because her mother recently died, Cindy has no one to turn to except a father who is now scared of her and an evil stepmother who makes her do the housecleaning with a toothbrush. To make matters worse, the Spring Fling dance is approaching, and Ethan, the cutest boy in sixth grade, doesn’t seem to know Cindy exists. Of course, Cindy doesn’t think letting Ethan find out she’s part skeleton is the best way to introduce herself.

While facing such perils as pickled pig’s feet, a wacky fortune teller, and a few quick trips to the Underworld, Cindy’s determined to break the curse—even for a single night.

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Stalker Diaries – Finding Love in My Pajamas, using an author as my matchmaker, Dammit.

Dear Jolene,

Can I call you Jolene? I’m really desperate to throw myself a slumber party. Unfortunately it’s currently just me, the characters from Dizzy and My Heart for Yours. For a cost I was hoping you wouldn’t mind being my plus 2 at this event. I promise I’m not a murderer or an animal lover (this prevents any potential allergy issues).

I do live in a remote location so I do need you to bring the supposed twelve steps to becoming a true love story addict. I’ve listed the requirements below.

1. Mani/Pedi Kits
2. Popcorn
3. Chocolate
4. Your books
5. Movies closely related to your books (so we can get a visual before bed)
6. A robe
7. Champagne
8. Boys
9. Pizza
10. A bottle (so we can spin the bottle)
11. Your car (for a secret midnight lover rendezvous)
12. Cosmo (duh, a girl’s best friend)

This all supplied in various beautiful pink boxes would be superb. A few co-workers told me you can’t find love in your pajamas, I’m going to prove them wrong. Since you’re a matchmaker – don’t lie your books have happy endings – I expect you to find the perfect boy for my happy ending.

Please Send Reply.



Jolene B. Perry is a talented writer and believer in love. She writes for all ages. This is her first known stalker.–